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Photo: 5th International Livestock Forum in Medellin - Adolfo SansoliniVisitors to this website – and its social media – may have noticed that recently updates have been a little less frequent than usual.

This is not because there has been less happening in the world of animal welfare and trade, or because interest in this website is flagging. On the contrary, I’m glad to report that the number of visitors to the AWAT website, its Newsletter and its Facebook and Twitter pages has continued to grow, which has led me and the other people behind this website to conclude that the time has come for a restyle. This work has been going on in the background for several months, and inevitably it has had some impact on the frequency with which the present website has been updated.

The good news is that the new website – which you will find at this same web address – is nearly ready. It will soon be online, offering new content, added functions and a fresh look.

In the meantime, please accept my apologies for the less frequent updates. I look forward to welcoming you soon to our new and improved website.

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Animal Welfare



Why remaining in the EU is better for Britain – and for animal welfare too

On 23 June, British citizens – including myself – will be asked to vote to decide whether the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union…


Recent and current activities


Foie gras is one of the worst products derived from animal abuse, and unfortunately we still find it on the market in most countries. I am happy to be joining GAIA in its international campaign to end the torture of geese and ducks for the production of foie gras.
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Since September 2010, I have been involved in the development of the CAROdog website on Companion Animal Responsible Ownership, and in some of the activities associated with it, including conferences in Brussels and Vilnius.
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IHP Association

Italian Horse Protection Association is a sanctuary for horses and other equines, which also works to improve existing legislation, prevent crimes against the animals, and report cases of mistreatment. In 2010 it was my honour to join the Board of IHP.
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