The book “Inclusión de temas de Bienestar Animal en planes de estudio de Medicina Veterinaria en Latinoamérica” (“Inclusion of Animal Welfare topics in Veterinary Medicine curricula in Latin America”) has just been published.


The book's cover

The book's cover

Edited by Dr Juan de Jesús Taylor Preciado, President of the Panamerican Federation of Faculties and Schools of Veterinary Sciences, the book includes chapters written by renowned Latin American academics that propose and analyse specific issues to be covered in Veterinary Studies curricula throughout the continent.
Some Latin American universities integrated animal welfare into their curricula many years ago, and countless events have been organised to promote this topic at the academic level. These include the Cátedra CUMEX on animal welfare, organised by the Consortium of Mexican Universities (CUMEX) at the University of Guadalajara in June 2011, where I was invited to give a presentation on “Animal Welfare and International Trade”.
I had the honour of being asked to contribute a chapter for this new book too, on “Animal Welfare and Trade – The role of the Veterinarian in Latin America”.


Here is an excerpt from the introduction to my chapter (translated from Spanish, the only language in which the book is available):
“These pages (…) will share information on the progress made in the area of animal welfare in relation to legislation and trade policies, and will highlight how veterinarians can be a means to improve animal welfare in farming activities through their relationship with producers. In this context, veterinarians may facilitate the passage to practices and systems that are more respectful of animals, thus increasing the trust of their customers by offering information and advice that can form the basis at the same time for improving the treatment of animals, and for increasing profitability in the long term.”
This publication is available free of charge and can be requested by sending an email to AWAT.




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