Blessed Peacemakers: 365 Extraordinary People Who Changed the World was published in 2013 in the United States. The book is presented as a celebration of people who share a commitment to peace and justice: “The various contexts in which they work make each of their stories uniquely instructive”.


Cover of  Blessed Peacemakers: 365 Extraordinary People Who Changed the World

Cover of Blessed Peacemakers

I came across this book during a web search and noticed that I was one of the 365 people included in it. As you can imagine, being listed among the likes of Martin Buber, William Wilberforce, Rosa Parks and Brother Roger is not something I am used to, and I can only feel surprised and grateful for having been invited to sit at such an amazing table.


The authors are Kerry Walters, Professor of Philosophy at Gettysburg College, and Robin Jarrell, Rector at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.


Here is an extract from the book description:

“The peacemakers include women, men, and children from across the globe, spanning some twenty-five hundred years. Many are persons of faith, but some are totally secular. Some are well known, while others will be excitingly new. They are human rights and antiwar activists, scientists and artists, educators and scholars, songwriters and poets, film directors and authors, diplomats and economists, environmentalists and mystics, prophets and policymakers. Some are unlettered, but all are wise. A few died in the service of the dream. All sacrificed for it.”


Kerry Walters and Robin Jarrell and their publisher Cascade Books have kindly given permission for the page of Blessed Peacemakers in which I appear to be made available to visitors to the AnimalWelfareAndTrade site.


If you find this excerpt interesting and want to read more, you can order Blessed Peacemakers: 365 Extraordinary People Who Changed the World through bookshops or online.


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