During the Board meeting of 6 April 2014, Sonny Richichi was appointed as the new President of the Italian Horse Protection association (IHP), replacing Antonio Nardi Dei da Filicaja Dotti, who was the previous President from October 2009.


With one of the rescued horses - Montaione, Italy, 2006

With one of the rescued horses - Montaione, Italy, 2006

Over the years, IHP has provided a home for mistreated equines – the very first sanctuary of its kind in Italy – and launched a constantly increasing number of activities for the protection of horses in Italy.


IHP has also reported many cases of cruelty against equines, the most striking example being the Colleferro case in 2013/14, in which more than 200 animals were found in awful conditions – some even in their death throes or dead – in a village near Rome. All the surviving horses and donkeys were given the necessary veterinary care and then safely placed in the caring hands of adoptive families.


I am honoured to be part of the Board of IHP and, despite my very limited knowledge of equines, I offer my expertise and contacts to support the marvellous work of this organisation.


Thanks to its constant growth over the last few years, in this period IHP is also in the process of reorganising and expanding its reach, moving to new (bought or rented) premises more suited to its growing needs and commitments, in order to guarantee that the work of the organisation will continue in the long term.


IHP’s new President, Sonny Richichi, has been active in animal welfare organisations for many years, including as a member of the national board and then President of LAV.


He then became director of the Fondazione Flaminia da Filicaja in 2009, before co-founding IHP, of which he has been Director of Operations ever since.


Accepting his election as the new President of IHP, Sonny said: “My thanks go to those who have enabled the Association to get to where it is today.  At the outset we had so many inspired hopes, but without a concrete, practical basis.  A very large vote of thanks goes to our donors, our supporters, and the hardworking dedicated staff who day by day contribute to the work we are able to carry out. We will continue to grow and to work towards putting an end to the mistreatment and exploitation of horses and other equids.”


You can read more about the association’s activities on the IHP website.