As reported in a previous article, the Animal Welfare Information Service of Cambridge University, led by the internationally renowned Professor Donald Broom, conducted a study on ‘The Welfare of Ducks during Foie Gras Production’. Dr Irene Rochlitz and Prof. Broom himself reviewed the available scientific studies on this issue and produced a thorough analysis, with some compelling conclusions.


The event programme

The event programme

This report has been of great importance in supporting the actions that I am coordinating on behalf of GAIA, which are aimed at allowing foie gras production without the use of force-feeding.


Over the last few months, we have further developed our activities, and the impact of this work has been noticeable, not least thanks to the support of MEPs who have tabled parliamentary questions on this topic. The Commission’s answers to these questions have increasingly made evident the need for legislative action.


We therefore decided to organise a presentation of the Cambridge University report in the European Parliament in Brussels. Prof. Broom kindly agreed to present the content of the report at this event, and I gave an analysis of the European Commission’s answers to MEPs’ questions.


The presentation was on Tuesday 8th November.


As we expected a great deal of interest in this event, we decided on mandatory registration. The event indeed proved very popular, and we received more requests than the meeting room could accommodate.


You can also follow, share and comment on this event on Twitter, using the hashtag #epfoiegras .





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