Since 28 May there have been more than 1,000 visits to AnimalWelfareAndTrade, made by over 400 visitors from 45 countries.
Here are some more detailed figures, courtesy of Google Analytics:
So far there have been 407 visitors from 45 countries, with an average viewing of 5 pages per visit and a total of over 5,000 page viewings. On average, each visit has lasted more than 6 minutes.
Italy and the UK are still the countries from which the site has received the most visits, followed by Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Belgium, United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Australia, Austria, India, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Lithuania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Uruguay, Greece, Chile, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Bolivia, Laos, Japan, Ireland, South Korea, Peru, Poland, Denmark, Kenya, Jordan, Sweden, Romania, Thailand, Norway and Indonesia.
Many thanks for visiting this website, and thanks also to those of you who have suggested improvements, some of which have already been implemented.
I hope that you will carry on visiting AnimalWelfareAndTrade from time to time, and that you will continue to find the regular updates interesting.
In the coming days a button will be appearing on the home page with which you can register to receive information on updates to the website. A new column will also be launched which will provide information and news on animal welfare.