The Central and South American offices of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) have organised a free online course for professors and students of veterinary and animal husbandry faculties – among others – and for animal welfare professionals who want to learn more about the general concepts of welfare in animal production, with the aim of improving their knowledge and skills in animal welfare.


Jaboticabal, Brazil, 2009

Jaboticabal, Brazil, 2009

The course started on 2 September and is taking place over 7 weeks, each of which will focus on different aspects of farm animal welfare.


It is held entirely in Spanish, presenting general concepts of animal welfare in pigs, chickens and cattle. The programme includes an introduction to animal welfare science, ethics and law. It ends with a module on current trends in the trade in animals and animal products, and I am honoured to have been asked to develop this concluding module, which I will be teaching in the week of 14-20 October.


Each week of the course includes a general introduction, a recorded presentation given by the teacher of that particular module, a quiz to assess the student’s level of understanding of the presentation, additional reading materials, forums to discuss the information provided by the teacher, the writing of an essay, live chat with the teacher at fixed times, and direct email communication between teacher and student where necessary.


You will find additional information on the course on the Latin American WSPA website.