The tragedy in Nepal has taken a terrible toll on millions of people, whether killing or injuring them, or displacing whole communities that are struggling to find shelter, food and water in such a huge emergency. Animals, of course, have not been spared, and local and international animal welfare organisations are trying their best to offer help.


Cow and calf grazing at the roadside - Nairobi, Kenya, 2013

Cow and calf grazing at the roadside - Nairobi, Kenya, 2013

Experience shows that animal lives are not only important in themselves, but are also precious to the humans they live with: companion animals are part of our families, everywhere in the world; and animals kept for milk, egg or meat production are seen as a guarantee for the future, to the point that sometimes people in areas hit by disasters have decided to use the emergency tents to keep their animals in, rather than using them for themselves.


I have contacted friends in India, asking which animal welfare organisations should be helped in Nepal – people who have the best idea about what is required locally, who already have their feet on the ground, and who are doing their best to help Nepalese animals, too, in this tragic moment.


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