The petition form

The petition form

Over the last few months we have all heard about the dire state of the Spanish economy and about the various solutions being proposed.
But you may not be able to guess what the Spanish government is prioritising while the financial crisis and unemployment are making news worldwide on a daily basis. Think a bit harder: what is it that Spain really needs now? More bloodbaths in the bullring, of course…

Believe it or not, the government led by Mariano Rajoy is supporting the proposal made to the Spanish parliament to recognise – in the  fastest possible way – bullfighting as a cultural heritage (Bien de Interés Cultural – BIC). Such a status would protect bullfighting from progressive laws like the one approved by Catalonia in 2010 and in force since January 2012 which ban this barbaric practice, which is rightly considered criminal in most countries around the world.

The Spanish organisation ADDA (Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal) has decided to launch a petition to oppose this outrageous proposal,  and has asked AnimalWelfareAndTrade to join this initiative. Naturally, we are happy to do so.

By clicking here, you can download a petition form. Please print it out, sign it yourself, then ask your friends to sign too. You can then send the signed form(s) to the AnimalWelfareAndTrade office.

Our friends at ADDA are asking us to return the signed forms at the beginning of June, so please start collecting signatures now and send  them back as soon as possible.

We will keep you informed on the website about the number of signatures collected through AnimalWelfareAndTrade, and will publish any further news on this issue.

Please help us stop this attempt to turn animal abuse into a state celebration.