The AnimalWelfareAndTrade website opened in May 2011. Since then, over 9,000 people from 140 countries have visited it, and nearly 35,000 pages have been viewed.


Swan on Regent's Canal - London, UK, 2011

Swan on Regent's Canal - London, UK, 2011

The AWAT audience is constantly growing, and so is the number of people who receive updates through the AWAT Twitter and Facebook pages.


So, after nearly 4 years of activity we think the time has come for some restyling of this website and the inclusion of new features. We already have some ideas, and the AWAT web designer, Caterina Moreddu, is busy working on some of them.


But it would also be very useful for us to know what new or different features the AWAT audience would like to see on the new website. Not all suggestions are necessarily going to be implemented, but rest assured that every single one will be taken into consideration.


So, please don’t be shy. Send your suggestions to by Sunday 15th February 2015.


Your input will be most appreciated. It will help to make this website more engaging for all users, and hopefully more effective in its work on behalf of abused animals worldwide.


Thanks a lot for your help!





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