A new publication on the animal welfare problems caused by long-distance live transport has been published by Animals’ Angels.

8hours is more than enough!

Cover of the new publication on live animal transport

I was glad to participate in the production of this new resource, 8 hours is more than enough!, which aims to convince the European institutions to take effective action to end the plague of long-distance live animal transport.
At the end of 2011, the European Commission released a report saying that the 2005 Regulation governing live transport simply needs to be enforced in order to put a stop to the enormous suffering still experienced by tens of millions of animals. 8 hours is more than enough! explains why a reliance on proper enforcement of the existing rules is unlikely ever to be effective, because some of the rules have been in existence for over 20 years and have never been properly enforced.
The 8 hours is more than enough! publication was produced as part of the 8hours campaign, which is already supported by more than 1,100,000 citizens who have signed the online petition and by the majority of Members of the European Parliament, who signed Written Declaration 49/2011, adopted by the European Parliament on 15 March 2012.
8 hours is more than enough! can be read or downloaded for free on the 8hours website.