As I announced in February, this website will soon go online in a fully renewed version, following an analysis of the information and functions that have attracted most interest over these nearly 4 years of activity.

The updated site will also take on board some of the suggestions sent in by visitors.



Cows - Guildford, UK, 2009

Cows - Guildford, UK, 2009


This re-styling would be further enhanced by access to a larger photo library, and here again I am asking for your help. So far, the photos that have appeared in the articles have mostly been taken by me, and where this was not the case, the authors were credited.


If you have some of your own photos that you would be happy to see published on AWAT, please send them in – it would be of great help and much appreciated. I am afraid that, due to budget constraints, it will not be possible to pay for any photos you submit.

However, if your photo is used on the website, you will be named as its author in the credit appearing alongside it.



What are needed are good quality photos of:
-    Animals (especially farm animals);
-    Animal abuse;
-    Places where animals are used and/or abused.


If you have other suggestions, please get in touch.


A statement should be emailed too, confirming that you are the copyright holder – i.e. that you took the photo(s) yourself – and that you authorise the free use of such photo(s) on the AWAT website. Please also specify the name you want to be inserted in the photograph credit.


Sending in photos does not automatically mean that they will appear on the website, but authors will be notified by email if their photos are used.


Photos and copyright statements can emailed to .


Thank you in advance for your contributions.




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