Italian Horse Protection (IHP) has produced a charming calendar for 2015, presenting photographs of 12 of the animals it has rescued from situations of mistreatment in various parts of Italy.


The IHP calendar (photo: IHP)

The IHP calendar (photo: IHP)

The photographs – taken by IHP supporter Ottavia Poli – show the horses as they are now, as moving reminders of how much the organisation has been able to achieve even in the most desperate cases.

All the horses portrayed in these beautiful pictures now live in freedom at the IHP rescue centre in Tuscany, where you would be welcome to meet them on a guided visit.


All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be used: for the daily running costs of keeping the horses that were confiscated by police actions and are now in IHP’s care; to cover the costs of IHP’s move to its new premises; and to fund the organisation’s various other activities such as investigating reports of mistreatment, conducting legal actions to rescue mistreated animals, and disseminating information about equine welfare and ethology.


The calendars cost €10.00 each and can be shipped worldwide.


Orders from Italy can be placed directly through the IHP SHOP.


For orders from outside Italy please send an email to for information on the cost of postage, which will vary according to country and the number of calendars ordered.




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