The AnimalWelfareAndTrade website was launched on 28 May. Six months on, there are some things to celebrate, and also a couple of apologies to make.
Apologies first. Over the last few months my workload has increased so much that some plans for the website, such as the newsletter, have had to be put on hold for the time being. Also, my email backlog has grown enormously, so some people may still be waiting for a response from me. Please do not hesitate to send a quick reminder if you’ve been expecting a reply.

Regent’s Canal - London, UK, 2011

Regent’s Canal - London, UK, 2011

I am really grateful to those who take the time to write to me.

And now the celebration bit.

Several articles have been uploaded, including updates on the 8hours campaign and the CAROdog initiatives, and items on various animal welfare issues.

The response to these has been very positive.
According to Google Analytics, since 28 May there have been 2,011 visits by 730 visitors from 64 countries, with an average viewing of 3.91 pages per visit and a total of 7,863 page viewings.
On average, each visit has lasted almost 5 minutes.

Italy is the country from which the site has received the most visits, followed by the UK, Brazil, Canada, United States, Colombia, Belgium, Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, India, Spain, Peru, Thailand, Malaysia, Sweden, South Africa, Denmark, Indonesia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia, Philippines, Lithuania, Ethiopia, Romania, Greece, South Korea, Bolivia, Chile, Portugal, Poland, China, Norway, Pakistan, Uruguay, Japan, Iceland, Somalia, Hungary, Singapore, Malta, Kenya, Jordan, Jamaica, Finland, Bulgaria, Laos, Czech Republic, Ireland, Ecuador, Turkey, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Egypt.

Many thanks for visiting this website – I hope you are finding it useful and interesting. Any suggestions for ways of improving it are always welcome.

Please carry on visiting AnimalWelfareAndTrade, and you haven’t already done so, why not register to receive information on updates to the website? The newsletter will be brought on in the coming weeks.