Strangely enough for a country that proudly defines itself as pet-loving, many people in Great Britain still buy puppies rather than going to a shelter and adopting one.


Stray dogs on a beach - Paraty, Brazil, 2012

Stray dogs on a beach - Paraty, Brazil, 2012

Unlike in many other EU countries, here the law still allows the killing of healthy dogs and cats as a means of population control, thus punishing dogs and cats for having committed the ‘crime’ of being abandoned. Even some large animal welfare organisations kill healthy dogs and cats in their shelters if they decide that there are too many (Search on the web ‘healthy dogs killed in British shelters’ to find more information on this). However, it is important to say that other major organisations oppose the killing of healthy animals, and those that end up in their care will be sheltered and looked after for the rest of their natural life.


For this reason, there are more than enough companion animals available for adoption, but despite that the purchase of dogs or cats – often at a high price, adding insult to injury – is seen by many as a normal and acceptable thing to do.


Hopefully, a report released today by the Dogs Trust will encourage people to think twice before buying – and opt for adoption instead.


In announcing the publication of the report, the Independent newspaper highlights the risk of rabies deriving from illegally imported puppies, put on the market with the help of corrupt vets.


According to the Dogs Trust, popular breeds of puppies such as French Bulldogs and Pugs are regularly advertised on internet sites from around £750 each. If a dealer imports five puppies at a time with one passenger, the potential income from just one consignment of puppies would be £3,750.


From the AnimalWelfareAndTrade desk, here is a small request for you on this point. Christmas is coming. Many companion animals enter their new homes for the first time in this period. Please never buy a canine or feline friend – always adopt one. You will surely be able to find a shelter in your area with dogs or cats of all types, sizes, colours and temperaments.


Buying a dog or cat means adding to an already excessive population, with lots of animals in need of a loving home. You can find your best friend in any shelter, and avoid supporting a trade that harms countless animals every year.


The right price to pay for a dog or cat is zero pounds (or euros, dollars, pesos, etc), as is the case with any other kind of friend.


You can read the full article about the report on the Independent website.


You can read a summary of the results of the investigation or download the full report on the Dogs Trust website.





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