Derecho Animal, the Web Centre for Animals with Rights, is the first website in Spain that provides a database on animal legislation and jurisprudence. Its success lies in the fact that it brings together the current legislation regarding animals in an organised manner and makes it available to the public.

Derecho Animal is an authoritative work of reference on animal legislation and a useful tool for those who are actively involved in defending the interests of animals. It is aims to offer a service that is both scientific and educational.

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) has supported their project from the beginning.
Derecho Animal is now organising its second Master in Animal Law & Society. Innovative and practical, the programme is intended to mould professionals at the highest international level, providing specific knowledge and administrative skills together with a global vision of the needs of a growing sector.

You will find more information on the Master on the Derecho Animal website