Expo Agrofuturo is the most important academic and business event for the agricultural sector in Colombia.


Poster of the 5th International Livestock Forum

Poster of the 5th International Livestock Forum

Its purpose is to promote the development of the agricultural sector through a new model that is profitable and productive, has business vision, and is built on three fundamental pillars: innovation, knowledge and sustainability.


It attracts more than 15,000 visitors with specialised knowledge of the agricultural, agro-industrial and forestry sectors. This year it took place in Medellín from 4 to 6 September.


The International Livestock Forum, which this year is in its 5th edition, takes place within Agrofuturo. The Forum aims to inform participants “about the strategic variables that Colombia needs to focus on, in order to exploit its potential and position itself in the international marketplace”.


I have gladly accepted their invitation to speak on ‘Opportunities for livestock profitability through animal welfare’. My presentation was given on 4 September, alongside other analyses of the challenges and opportunities in the tropical livestock sector.


With a capacity of 1,100 participants, the Forum is designed to attract business owners, producers, exporters, investors, commercial agents, researchers, consultants, students, NGOs and representatives from public and private institutions in the cattle sector.


You can read more about Expo Agrofuturo and related events on their website.

Download – Poster of the 5th International Livestock Forum (PDF)