Report highlights rabies risk from puppies smuggled into the UK

A report released today by the Dogs Trust says that puppies are smuggled into the UK with the help of corrupt vets. AWAT: never buy a friend but always adopt one.

AW app helps consumers shop in the USA, Canada, Brazil and Peru

Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) manages the Certified Humane Raised and Handled standard. It launched an app for consumers in the USA, Canada, Brazil and Peru.

Woolworths ZA steps up its animal welfare policies

South African supermarket chain Woolworths announced the end of the use of sow stalls to restrain pregnant sows for all their fresh pork production

Malta bans animal circuses

The Maltese Parliament has approved a bill which prohibits the use of any animals in circuses, in the UK a less ambitious proposal is stalling in the parliament

Animal Welfare – Adolfo Sansolini: Animal Welfare Consultant

Adolfo Sansolini’s comments on the potential for farm animal welfare in Latin America after his presence at the 5th International Livestock Forum in Medellin.

Progress for pig welfare in Brazil

Progress for pig welfare in Brazil
They are called sow stalls in Europe and gestation crates in America. They are instruments of confinement for sows, which are trapped within narrow metal bars for most of their lives…

New book on the welfare of transported animals

Dr Alexander Rabitsch, veterinarian with extensive experience as an animal transport inspector in Austria, published the book ‘Animal Transport – Assertions and Reality’

Greece and Italy guilty of breaching hen welfare Directive

The EU Court of Justice has found Italy and Greece guilty of breaching the EU Directive for the welfare of laying hens, but no fine has been imposed on them.

Blessed Peacemakers: 365 Extraordinary People Who Changed the World

Adolfo Sansolini is among the people included in the book Blessed Peacemakers: 365 Extraordinary People Who Changed the World by Kerry Walters and Robin Jarrell

Investigation into the UK’s poultry industry

Leading UK supermarkets launched inspections into their chicken supplies after the outcomes of a five-month investigation conducted by the Guardian were published.