Coop Italia bets on animal welfare

Coop Italia operates the largest supermarket chain in Italy. Over the last few years, it has increasingly integrated animal welfare policies into its supply chains, starting with cage-free eggs and gradually expanding …

Animal Welfare: greece and italy taken to eu court of justice over battery cages

Greece and Italy taken to EU Court of Justice over battery cages
In the years leading up to the full implementation of the ban on conventional battery cages in the European Union, I travelled to several countries around the …

Olymel phases out gestation crates

Canada’s second-largest pork producer says it will phase out the use of pig gestation crates – small metal stalls that confine the animals for much of their lives – and is urging others in the industry to follow suit …

Bullfighting is a crime, not culture: Please sign the international petition

Over the last few months we have all heard about the dire state of the Spanish economy and about the various solutions being proposed. But you may not be able to guess …

AnimalWelfareAndTrade office opened in London

Animalwelfareandtrade now has its own Facebook page, while on Twitter I will carry on using the @sansolini profile. In both of these, new content from the AWAT website will be regularly highlighted…

Animal Welfare: Cosmetics Testing Ban: Remembering Chris Fisher

Defeat is an orphan, but victory has many fathers. In other words, when something goes wrong it’s hard to find anyone who will take responsibility for the mistakes…

CAROcat website launched

The CAROcat website has recently been inaugurated, and is already attracting the attention of visitors from all over the world. Initiatives on cat welfare in Europe will be organised soon.

Open letter to Maltese voters

Christa Blanke, President and Founder of Animals’ Angels, and Adolfo Sansolini, Coordinator of the 8hours campaign, have addressed an open letter to Maltese voters and party leaders in advance of the forthcoming general election on 9 March.

New book on bullfighting

“Tauromaquia, el mal cultural” (“Bullfighting: the Cultural Evil”) is a new book against bullfighting written by Carmen Méndez, president of Spanish animal welfare organisation ADDA.

Work for AWAT!

AnimalWelfareAndTrade – Adolfo Sansolini’s consultancy work – is growing, and an office will soon be opening in London to respond more rapidly to enquiries, and enable collaborators to receive improved support and contractors to benefit from a larger structure…