The 8hours website was initially used mainly to promote the 8hours petition – which was signed by 1,103,248 citizens – and to enable visitors to sign online.

A space was then dedicated to Written Declaration 49/2011, signed by the majority – 395 – of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in support of 8hours.

More recently, a new function was added so that messages could be sent via the website to John Dalli, the EU Commissioner responsible for animal welfare. Mr Dalli is not only refusing to review the existing rules on transport which cause immense suffering to millions of animals, but has also denied his own statement (available on the website) in which he promised to issue a legislative proposal to respond to the demands of citizens and MEPs.

In order to keep supporters and other visitors informed on news related to the 8hours campaign and live animal transport in general, a new feature has now been added to the 8hours website: a blog where readers can both keep up to date with the published news and comment on it.

The blog, which already lists statements from some MEPs and other news, can be accessed from the 8hours home page or directly here.